Kelly is a "10" as far as speakers go, but she's much more than a speaker. Her passion for Jesus and for "the least of these" oozes out of her and inspires everyone within earshot. She's on a mighty mission to bring the good news of Jesus to the darkest corners of our world. Here's what I love about Kelly: She's "on fire" without being weird! So refreshing! She's fun, normal, down-to-earth, engaging, and compassionate. We LOVE having Kelly with us. People turn out to hear her and bring their friends as well. HIGHLY recommend! - Jeff Borkoski, Pastor, Author, Life Coach


Kelly Master has to be one of the best speakers, not just one of the best female, but one of the best speakers that I have personally had the privilege to sit under. Her passion and love truly shows and comes to life. She's funny and entertaining and can keep you on the edge of your seat yet knows how to bring you right back to tears when sharing her compassion. I would listen to her many times over. - Devin Peterson, Worship Pastor


I have personally known Kelly for many years. She is a dynamic, engaging speaker. She presents truths that need to be spoken in a very honest, yet relatable manner. I highly recommend Kelly! I have heard her speak to both small and large crowds and am constantly amazed at her gift of communicating so well in either circumstance. - Lindsay White, Women's Director, Pastor's Wife


We have known Kelly since she was a teenager. She has always had a fire for God and people. Her passion is infectious and will light a fire in those who hear her preaching. She and her team are willing to do what's necessary to help those who are captives to be set free. She is a 10 in our opinion. - Ray Shannon, Senior Pastor


 Kelly ministers the Word of God with a passion and anointing that challenges hearers to be agents of change in their world. Her message isn’t just meant to stir us, but to move us to surrender our lives in obedience to whatever God would have us to do to touch hurting lives with His healing love. Lynn Hybels said this: “A dangerous woman is alive! She knows she is deeply loved by God and grounds herself daily in that love. She delves deeply into the truth about who she is and claims her unique temperament, gifts, passions, and dreams. She refuses to let fear stop her as she responds to God’s calling on her life. And out of her fully alive heart, she radically engages with the needs of the world.” That describes Kelly Master, her message, and her ministry. I would strongly encourage you to invite Kelly to your event. -Lorrie Braddock, Women's Director, Pastor's Wife


Kelly Master is the most captivating and passionate speaker I've ever encountered! I admire Her heart and compassion for broken women and conviction to use her voice and influence to advocate and show the love of God to those who feel they have no hope! Im so excited about the future of the lives that are being impacted by Kellys ministry everyday! She is truly a voice of hope for the kingdom that needs to be heard all around the world! -Phillip Sanders aka Drisco

We’ve had the honor and pleasure of having Kelly with us a few times. Kelly is as genuine as it gets and her love for others shines through her! She is a dynamic speaker and speaks to the heart of the people, Kelly has done fantastic work in the sex trade industry for the Kingdom of God rescuing the hurt and broken. I highly recommend bringing Kelly in to speak as the Lord would lead you to do so. I know we will be bringing her back as much as possible. - Pastor Bryan Jones

Kelly is a dynamic speaker who will instigate, motivate and challenge her audience to leave the boundaries of church mentality for kingdom mentality. Her love for those who are hurting is boundless, as is her desire to introduce them to Jesus. It's an honor to know her. - Rev. Peggy Gilbert

Kelly Master is a powerful speaker. She exudes the love of Jesus while preaching unbridled truth that will set you free. Kelly's love & compassion for people is truly a gift from God. She has a powerful testimony & does not sugar coat the Word of God. The pulpit at The Cave Ministries is always open to her. Pastor Angela Jones

I am pleased to recommend Kelly Master. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who has a unique ability to reach people who are struggling with addictions, trials, or struggles of many kinds. She also inspires others to step outside of their comfort zones in order to love their neighbor, whoever that might be. - Darlene Anderson, Adjunct Professor

I have had the pleasure of hearing Mrs. Master speak on several occasions. There can be not doubt that the lord our God almighty is moving powerfully through her, Reaching out to the lost and broken with the power of the Holy ghost and the fathers hand of mercy guiding her; She is an anointed speaker and a wonderful woman of God.  - Evangelist Jimmy Wiggins